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Home Cleaning Tips to Ensure a Safe Move

Enjoy a Clean Move!

It’s an exciting time since you recently bought a house and can’t wait to live there, maybe with your family. Nevertheless, acquiring a new property implies taking on new commitments whether this is your first time purchasing a home or not. You should properly clean your new home, no matter how well-kept the previous owners left it. Here are some crucial home cleaning tips you can follow:


In addition to using a range of chemicals to clean your bathroom, vinegar and baking soda paste also works well and removes soap scum. This should be used in the tub and sink. The glass shower doors may be cleaned by misting them with a vinegar-to-water solution. A brush and undiluted vinegar should be used to clean the toilet. Most people like changing the toilet seat in a brand-new house.


For the kitchen area to be spotless, every component, including the sinks, fixtures, worktops, backsplashes, all appliances, stovetops, and even the interior of the toaster and microwave, must be meticulously cleaned and disinfected. Since the kitchen hasn’t been sterilized in a while, there are probably many objects that need to be cleaned.


It may be less expensive to rent, buy, or hire someone to perform steam cleaning for you. Steam cleaning effectively cleans while also eliminating pet odors and tough stains. Hardwood floors that have been sealed may also be steam cleaned if you have the right equipment. Hardwood flooring that isn’t sealed shouldn’t be steam cleaned since it might cause water damage.


The walls of your new home generally won’t need to be washed again unless you have young children. It pays to do it once, though, unless you want to immediately begin painting straight. It’s okay to clean the walls with vinegar and water solution on the majority of surfaces. If the previous owner has kids, pay close attention to any areas that tend to accumulate dust and cobwebs that reach about the waist.

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